Sunday, December 4, 2016

Giveaway is here, guys!

Hello hello! (yeah, i know i typed that twice) Hope your weekend is going well so far.

We have a N500 Airtel recharge card to give away today. Yay!

We'll be doing something a little fun. 

We all have a bad habit or two that we know we need to stop but can't because we have become so used to doing it. For me, I talk to myself ALOUD, A LOT! And when I do sometimes, I look around to make sure no one is looking at me like I'm crazy. Lol...

So, tell us one of your bad habits that you know you need to stop but you just keep doing it. The funniest and most original will win the prize.

This is gonna be fun! Let's spill it!


  1. dude i have two one is snoring. i think i shld be given the guiness world record of the most heavy snorer. i only stay in my room all my bros have their rooms now bcuz of my snore. mahn its so terrible, you'll think a bull dozer is working in my room

    1. the second one is .i first saw it on my bro's phone since then, av been on to it.The day i was caught by my dad ehn it wasn't good. he seized my phone, i did'nt collect money to school for two days.funny thing is that my brother was backing my dad when i was being disciplined for watching porn. bt i couldn't snitch on him cos dad wont beleive. i cant watch video on my phone in peace since then. he'll always bug me as if am watching porn

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  3. Whenever it is time for an altar call for repentance in church, the pastor always asks everyone to close their eyes but immediatey l hear "oh! I can see some hands up, sister God bless you for that decision", l dont know the force that helps me open my eyes and l will be peeping to see if that sister that has been forming over spiritual is among.l habe tried to rebuke the spirit but it has become an involuntary action. Do l need change?

  4. I like my fries with plenty of onions and fresh tomatoes but when the fries are served, l could take a whole day picking out the fresh onions and throwing them away before l start eating but if the fries were made without the onions, l still wouldn't eat.


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